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Hello! My name is Laura

I’m a freelance graphic designer, illustrator, web designer and social media specialist for 5 years now. I’m also a book author, blogger and an enthusiastic storyteller. I’m absolutely passionate about my work. I love to turn great & complex ideas into a simple but cohesive design, and help brands grow by telling the right stories to their audience — the visual & the written ones. I’m here to help you improve & grow your brand. Ready?

My story

It was at a very young age that I knew I wanted to be a designer and writer. I came from a very creative family — we would compete against each other to see who would create the best Christmas card with glitter, markers and colored paper. When together, we would film funny TV shows in our own living room. My grandfather worked as a reporter and was a very impressive storyteller. My mother, as a primary school teacher, was full of fantastic ideas. My father was a designer. I grew up surrounded by stories, art, secretly playing with my father’s scale models, learning from his drawing books. It was evident to me that somehow I would follow the same path.
Born in Faro, it was early in my 20’s that I packed up my things and moved to Lisbon. There  I took a degree in Communication and a specialization in Journalism. During the day, I was working full-time at a multinational company. At night, I was a student. And although this was a very busy time, it was one of the most empowering ones too. I loved each day of it because I was building my future.
But, after taking my degree, Portugal was facing a tough time with the economic crisis. Everyone was being dismissed, and so was I. I felt powerless, my self-esteem was very low and, for a few months, I didn’t know how to regain control of my life. But giving up was out of the question. I was determined to embrace the situation as an opportunity to grow and change my life instead of feeling sorry for myself. That’s when I realized: “What if I created my own job?” I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I’ve always loved great challenges. So my new goal was: learn as many tools as possible to be a creative freelancer and work, work, work. That’s what I did.
And here I am today. Five years later, living in London, I’m a freelance graphic designer, book author, blogger, illustrator, and the founder of two popular online projects. I count more than 100 clients so far that have chosen me to work with — some of them are my clients for the last few years. I’m the proof that the Internet gives us this incredible power to establish and grow our identity, brand and credibility.
As a creative freelancer, passionate about branding, technology and happy stories, my primary goal with my work is to empower you to achieve your goals by building a strong online presence too. Because I believe this is now more powerful than ever — it opens up incredible and countless opportunities. I also believe almost everything is possible when we are self-driven. My story, like many others, is an example of that. Your story could be too.
And I can help you with that: creating a strong and cohesive brand design for you, empowering your motivation and refining your strategy on social media. Starting from these, I truly believe you can be whoever you want.


Along with many projects I’ve been involved in, working for clients around the world, these are my own milestones:
– I’m a book author and blogger. In 2014, I created a blog where I write about love and illustrate my own stories. Soon, this blog drew the attention of a publisher after becoming very popular. “Apeteces-me” book was published in 2016. The project has more than 130,000 followers on Facebook, and the website reached near 2 million pageviews so far.
– I’m the founder of an online platform that enables anyone, who wants to focus on writing only, to have a presence online. “Desafio-te”, created in 2016, has now more than 60 authors and 1000 publications. The service I provide includes the editorial work, reviewing and proofreading all publications, as well as the illustration/graphic work. Project’s branding, online presence, and marketing initiatives are also managed by me.
– I have three shops online where I sell my prints and graphics. I’m passionate about colors, patterns, and flat design.

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Tools I use on a Daily Basis


– Adobe Illustrator
– Adobe PhotoShop
– Adobe InDesign
– Adobe Premiere
– Adobe Audition


– WordPress
– Wix
– Medium


– MailChimp
– ConvertKit
– Google Analytics
– Facebook Ads
– HootSuite
– Buffer
– Planoly


– Shopify
– Etsy


– Facebook
– Instagram

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