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Meditation: Trying to calm down my anxiety

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Most of the people who know me well or deal with me on a daily-basis (family, friends and colleagues) know how thoughtful and calm I am. Very often, I listen: “Laura, everything is always fine for you.” I’m very peaceful, and I really believe that life is too short to live differently.

But the truth is that, deep inside, I’m a very anxious person. When things really matter to me (really, really), I can be this obsessed perfectionist that always wants to do the right thing, live the perfect moment, have the ideal relationship. I’ve found out that this happens because I have this tremendous fear of failing and losing what I’ve been working so hard to have or those (so precious) I have in my life. The more important they are, the bigger is my anxiety and the consequences it has on my body, mind and deep relations. The irony here is that the fear of losing them leads me to actually lose them. And the fear of failing leads me to actually fail.

I thought about this very recently. I tried to find solutions for my actions, not realising the real problem itself. My anxiety. It is a problem because it consumes my body and mind so much, and influences the way I communicate with others and react. I came up with a bunch of solutions to prevent me from repeating some mistakes I usually make when my anxiety is at a very high level. But that’s not the solution. The only way I can actually deal with this anxiety is by trying to maintain a peaceful mind from the beginning, doing something to release this anxiety on a very early stage to prevent it from scaling.

I was told meditation could help, so I’m giving us a try.

P.S. If you struggle with the same issue, I would love to hear about you. How do you deal with your anxiety? Do you meditate? What progress have you been making? Share it with me!

My name is Laura. I’m a passionate storyteller, and the author of a book that talks about love. I'm a graphic designer and illustrator, living and working in the amazing central London. In 2014, I've created the blog "apeteces-me", that drew the attention of a publisher after becoming very popular with more than 130.000 followers on Facebook, and that's how I became a book author too. Absolutely passionate about my work, I'm inspired by people, places and little joys.

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