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Welcome. If you’re here, you’re probably seeking to improve your brand, business or online presence. If that’s the case, you are definitely in the right place!

With +5 years experience as a freelancer, and a degree in Communication, I offer Logo, Web and Stationery Design services, Social Media Styling, Copywriting and also Marketing Consulting.

If you would like to hire me, hit the button below & let’s talk. With your vision and my skills, altogether, I’m confident we will take your project to the next level!



– Web Design
– Blog Design
– E-Commerce (Etsy & Shopify)


– Book Illustration
– Digital Portraits
– Infographics
– Icons & Clipart
– Wall Art


– Social Media Management
– Social Media Design
– Marketing Strategies (Facebook)
– Consultation


– Digital Magazines
– Books & E-Books
– Book Illustration


– Logo Design
– Stationary
– Business Cards


– Translations (EN/PT)
– Proofreading (Portuguese)
– Copywriting


Laura is a great professional and I highly recommend her services (Illustration, graphic design and copyright). She is been helping us with the content in many marketing campaigns and great creative unique pieces too. She always excedd our expectations, we love her work and most important of all our clients too. The value for the price is great and she is very cleaver understanding the requests and never miss a deadline. Very impressive!

Mário Castro

Laura is one of those talents that it's a really nice pleasure to meet. Creative and irreverent, passionate and captivating, it's hard to resist. With a smile that leads us into a journey through life and with a sense of humor that makes us forget the things we're worried about, it's easy to fell captivated by her artistic skills. Born in the Algarve, as I was, we met because of a challenge she has launched on social media (creating a platform for creative writing), where I found out that we're both passionate about writing and love. A recommendation: meet her, and you are definitely going to be very fond of her too.

Angela Caboz

I believe the right people come into our lives. Laura clearly was that person. With her patient, intelligence and intuition, she was able to understand what I wanted, and how would she reach it. I recommend Laura's work but, most of all, I recommend Laura - because of her professionalism, dedication and sympathy, every time she receives a request.

Ligia Silva

Laura was a brilliant Communication's student. Her skills to write and create content are brilliant.

João Santareno de Sousa

I got Laura to design a logo for my future travel blog. She is extremely approachable, flexible, creative and delivers high-quality designs within tight deadlines and at very reasonable prices. I am very very happy with the result and I will definitely consider her for any other future projects I have.

Irene Corchado Resmella

Laura Azevedo is demanding in her work, assumes the responsibilities imposed upon a secure and decisive manner. It is undoubtedly an excellent and reliable professional, which I recognize and recommend.

Rui Lavos

We were lucky to find Laura at extremely short notice for an urgent presentation that needed to be done over the weekend. She responded quickly and admirably, late on a Friday night, and proceeded to deliver superbly over the course of the weekend. She kept us informed at all times, acted on feedback efficiently, and showed an excellent understanding for visual communication. The final presentation was excellent and I'd highly recommend her!

Laurence Cruise

Some of my work


Book Design + Illustrations + Banners

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